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Samsung Hero 3G Price India, Samsung Hero E3213 3G Features & Specifications

Samsung Hero 3G E3213
Samsung Hero 3G E3213 is a Hero Series mobile comes with exiting features. Samsung Hero 3G E3213 has some modern touches with sophisticated look and style. The silver accent lining the side of the mobile has great eye appeal while the ergonomic keypad offers tactile comfort. Further supported by HSDPA for fast downloads, native SNS for keeping touch with social networks, multiple IM services for instant messaging with friends, and a full portfolio of multimedia features for on-the-go entertainment, this mobile is an all-around winner.

HSDPA 3.6Mbps: In today’s busy world, you don’t have time to wait around for files to download, especially when you’re constantly on the go. That’s why Samsung’s E3213 comes powered with HSDPA. Now you can download or transfer files at the fast speed of 3.6Mbps. Whether you’re downloading a song, steaming video, or navigating via Google Maps, your connection is faster than ever - saving you time and money.

Modern Classic Design: A nod to the past with a look to the future, Samsung’s E3213 takes the classic bar frame and updates it with modern features including the sleek and sophisticated silver edging lining the side of the mobile. Slim and trim at only 12.9mm and coupled with the ergonomic keypad, this mobile is striking to look at and a pleasure to hold.

Social Networking Services & Instant Messenger: Stay in touch from anywhere! Thanks to social networking applications, you’ll never be out of touch with your social circles! From reading your friends’ latest tweets to scrolling through the news feeds about your friends’ activities, you’ll always be clued in to what your friends are up to. Make plans for the weekend or simply catch up with old pals using instant messenger. With the E3213, you’re always connected to the people that matter most.

Multimedia Powerhouse: Equipped with all the things you need to have fun on the go, the E3213 is a multimedia powerhouse. Surround yourself with the tunes you want to hear on the MP3 player and FM radio. Also DNSe ensures acoustic output sounds natural and impressive, even from a small mobile. Take a break from your hectic life by playing games and capture special moments with the VGA camera.

Samsung Hero 3G E3213 Price in India:
Low Price 3g Mobile Samsung Hero 3GE3213 Price is around Rs. 3500 Rs in India.

Samsung Hero 3G E3213 Features & Specifications:
- HSDPA 3.6Mbps
- JAVA Platform Supported
- Mobile Tracker
- User Interface 3 x 4 keypad
- MicroSD up to 8GB
- SOS Messaging
- 800mAh Standard Battery Capacity
- VGA Camera
- Video Recording available
- Music Player Supported
- MP3 Ringtones Supported
- 3D Sound Technology Supported
- Embedded JAVE Game available
- Embedded Wallpaper Supported
- FM Radio Supported
- FM Radio Recording Supported
- Bluetooth available
- USB Supported
- WAP available
- USB Mass Storage available
- Internet Browser Supported
- SyncML (DS) available
- PC Sync Supported

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