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Nokia C3, Nokia C6 & Nokia E5 Qwerty Phones Launched in India

Nokia today launched three new querty mobile phones Nokia C3, Nokia C6 & Nokia E5 business-cum-entertainment mobile phones launched in India. Nokia has also launched an improved version of Nokia Messaging with free push mail service. Nokia Messaging aggregates multiple email accounts through one client. It can support & mobilise up to 10 email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Indiatimes among others.

Another mobile phone makers like Micromax, Maxx, Intex & Olive are already in the list with qwerty keyboard mobile phones which are very cheap in compare to Nokia. They are coming with 2000+ Rs.

Company's Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki said, "It is a strategic option for Nokia. With the new devices we are bringing mobile messaging and social networking into the hands of more people."

Nokia India Managing Director and Vice President D Shivakumar said, "People are looking at messaging services as an enhanced business tool. There are six million mail users on mobile in India. The number is expected to touch 130 million in 2014."

India is among the top five countries for the service and we are confident that with our decision to offer it free of cost, we will see a significant surge in adoption of email and messaging services in the country, he added.

Nokia C3 priced at Rs 5,317.89, Nokia C6 touch and full keyboard phone priced at Rs 13,000 & Nokia E5 business-cum-entertainment mobile phone is priced at Rs 10,634.

It will be tough competition with qwerty keyboard phones in India ahead.

Nokia C3: Qwerty Phone (Price: 5,317 Rs.)
Nokia C6: Mobile Phone
(Price: 13,000 Rs.)
Nokia E5: Qwerty Phone
(Price: 10,634 Rs)

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