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Micromax C350: India’s first OMH-compliant for CDMA users

Micromax, the leading Indian mobile handset manufacturer announced the launch of Micromax C350, the first Indian OMH (Open Market Handset) compliant CDMA2000 phone was launched in Hong Kong.

The company said this was the first time that an Indian company has developed such a phone. OMH technology allows customers to buy a CDMA2000 handset and relevant SIM cards from any operator of their choice.

The OMH-compliant Micromax C350 offers 2 megapixel camera, motion sensor, 2.4-inch colour screen, stereo FM radio, multi-format music player, video recorder/player, Bluetooth 2.0 and expandable memory of up to 4GB, Micromax said in a statement.

OMH technology has provided equality across CDMA and GSM in terms of operator selection and upgrade flexibility. This will greatly benefit the CDMA handset market in India and encourage manufacturers to bring a greater variety of handsets into the market.

Micromax CDMA OMH handset model C350 is an extremely affordable upgrade option for existing CDMA2000 customers who want more features and VAS/data services on their handsets. Micromax C350 is expected to be available around Rs. 4500 only all over the country.

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