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HTC Accord Leaked; May Come With WP8 & 4.3-inch HD Display

HTC Accord
The latest smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 seems like getting out. HTC Accord is a mobile which leaked online. Recently an image of HTC's new smartphone that runs on Windows 8. As Tech2 as said we have to thank Football, a member of the XDA Developer forums for this news.

The HTC Accord seems to be running Windows 7.x in leaked pictures as Tech2 said in the news. The screenshot seems like a super phone with superb features as well. The Accord was seen in June with other phones named Zenith and Rio. Lets see when this mobile will come.

The key features which may we expect for this phone are:

- Windows Phone 8 OS
- 4.3-inch 720p Super LCD 2 display
- 1080p capable 8MP camera sensor
- 42Mbps HSPA+ capabilities
- NFC support
- gig of RAM
- MSM8260A SoC onboard
- Internet Explorer 10

Via: Tech2

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