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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Coming Soon to Compete with iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S III has already made dhoom in the world's market with its features and now people around the world is waiting for its competitors like Apple to come up with their innovation. As the rumor is that Apple is going to launch Apple iPhone 5 soon but another rumor is been there about Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Will this make any difference to the big brands like Samsung or Apple?

As per the market ratio both are good companies with their reliability. Apple is always been in the limelight for their launches like iPhone, iPod and iPad. While Samsung is been on the top in the mobile segment around the world beat Nokia few months back as well. So we can trust both the brands for their devices but the competition is always ahead. It may be the quality of features and the price as well. If people like to stick with their brand then there is no issue but if they want to compromise then it may not be easy for them to choose what is the best Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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