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Nokia 603 Review, Nokia 603 Symbian OS Phone with Touchscreen Display

The 603 is living proof of the fact that Nokia isn't going to let go of its Symbian platform. At least not just yet. The company is still providing an ample amount of updates to it, probably more than what an average Android phone receives. With the latest partnership with Microsoft, Nokia has got even more offerings to its Belle platform. But does all of this mean that the Nokia 603 is a good buy? Read on to find out. Brilliant display
Brilliant display

Design and Build Quality
From their Lumia series to even their low-end smartphones, Nokia has always insisted on a phone that is built to last. No creaky panels, no cheap plastics, no flimsy looks. The Nokia 603 follows that exact same code of conduct. It looks like a carbon copy of the Lumia 710, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. The phone has a matte finish on the back and is covered in a complete black outfit that exudes class. It’s definitely one of the more stylish phones we have seen in this price bracket. Let’ s have a quick tour of the device. 
Connectivity options
Connectivity options

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