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New Aircell Airborne Smartphone Launched in India

New Aircell Airborne Smartphone India
Aircell unveiled the Aircell Smartphone, a next-generation cabin handset designed specifically for business aircraft. With intuitive, menu-driven features, the Aircell Smartphone allows passengers to place and receive voice calls aboard business aircraft as easily and conveniently as they do with mobile phones on the ground. In addition, its flexible Android OS platform sets the stage for a nearly unlimited set of rich media features and functions in the future. First shipments are scheduled for late 2011.

Among a host of capabilities, the new Aircell Smartphone will provide the best voice quality in aviation through a number of embedded technologies and design features, the company claimed. At 9.6-cm (3.8") diagonally, the Aircell Smartphone's bright, colour touchscreen display is said to be the largest the aviation industry has ever seen in a telephony device. It exceeds the size of most consumer smartphones on the market today.

"The result of extensive industrial design and human factors study, the Aircell Smartphone epitomises the notion of next-generation inflight communications. It gives passengers exactly what they want – the best-sounding, best-looking and easiest-to-use handset in aviation," said John Wade, EVP and general manager, business aviation services, Aircell. "We've received extraordinary feedback from all corners of the industry on this achievement, and we look forward to bringing it to market later this year."

Aircell Airborne Smartphone Features:
1. Designed specifically for aircraft use, from the ground up
2. Big, bright, 9.6-cm colour touchscreen display
3. Android OS platform
4. Bluetooth-compatible for hands-free operation
5. Drop-in replacement for current Aircell Axxess flush-mount handsets
6. Integrated audio jack for wired headsets and earbuds
7. Fully certified

The Aircell Smartphone will be backward-compatible with all Aircell Axxess communications systems currently in production, and available as a drop-in replacement for the company's prolific Aircell Axxess flush-mount handset.

It will also be fully compatible with the company's forthcoming Gogo Biz Voice service via the ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 systems. Shipments of the new Aircell Smartphone are scheduled to begin in late 2011 and pricing will be announced prior to that time.

Source: Aircell

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